Rejection: Lighthouse Journal

‘Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.’ – F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Facing any kind of rejection in life is never easy and its never fun, but, like 12-year-old on the Internet who’ve slept with your mam, it’s an inevitability of life. It’s certainly an inevitability of a writer’s life.

Below is the email I got from Lighthouse Journal.


As rejection letters go, it’s kind and optimistic. And, being as objective as I can be about my own work, I knew it wasn’t a smooth fit when submitting it.

I’m lucky that I’m early enough in the life of a writer to not take rejections too hard, especially when it’s a constructive (rather than dismissive) rejection like this one

Thank you to the team at Lighthouse for reading my story, and I’ll certainly be submitting again in the future.


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