Getting Started

Anthology front cover

Towards the end of March, all the students on my programme got an email asking if we’d like to get involved to help run our Final Degree Show. I had a couple friends who had a degree show a few years ago, and so I volunteered immediately, my head full of ideas.

When I went to our initial meeting, I was a little disappointed. It felt to me like the structure of the degree show had already been decided, and we were there to make it happen. (In hindsight, there’s no way I could have done even half of what I wanted in the time frame we had.)

But out of that, I decided to produce an Anthology Yearbook for people on my programme, thinking that: firstly, it would be a great memory of our time at University; and secondly, would be a fantastic way to showcase our work.

Since then, getting things prepared has been an awful lot of work, but as of today, I feel serious progress is being made.


I have all but confirmed the venue for our Anthology Launch event – the stunning Waterstones bookshop in Newcastle – and I feel that I’m close to agreeing University funding for it.

I now have 23 confirmed contributors to the anthology, and I have confirmed my cover artist, the fantastic Oliver Hoffmeister.

Hopefully more information to follow, but I am already getting excited for the event – Wednesday 20th September, 7pm – 8:30pm.

If you’d like to attend, you can sign up for free tickets here.

If you’d like to buy a copy of the anthology, or contribute towards our project, you can do so here.


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